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1st Financial Partners of Illinois is located in Kewanee, IL., a small midwestern town in northwest Illinois. Our professional staff and representatives have many years of experience in the financial services industry and continually further their education so they are knowledgeable of all aspects that affect your financial well being. Our company focuses on helping you define your financial goals and assisting you with the development of a strategy that can help you meet those goals. 

Clark Blair moved to Kewanee in 1988 with primarily one purpose in mind; to be near his wife`s family so that his children could grow up around grandpa and grandma, uncles and aunts, and cousins. He still resides in Kewanee with his wife Sheila, his children Amanda, Johnathan, Adam, and Kyle. Additionally, he has two grown children, Rachel and Ryan, and seven grandchildren. 

Clark started his financial services operations from scratch. He had no clients in town and basically was an unknown. With the focus of "the client`s interests always come first," he soon was out-growing his office. With the addition of four associates in the early 90`s his firm rapidly became a leading financial services company in the area. 

In 1993, he began talks with two other agencies in town to combine their strengths so as to better serve their community. It was his belief that with the complexity of the financial services industry and his desire to always perform with the highest level of integrity, they needed to become an organization of professionals that focused on specific areas. After nearly 15 years of this partnership with substantial growth, Clark decided that to best serve his clients, he needed to move his business location.
In 2008, he and another partner began liquidation discussions and as a result, 1st Financial Partners of Illinois was founded. Still working with the philosophy that you must now focus and not be a generalist in the financial services industry, he continues to focus in his area of experience.

Clark`s primary areas of concentration are investments and the protection of those assets. Additionally, attention is paid to the distribution of those assets. Preparing can help you with money if you live too long, or die too soon. This philosophy, his attention to detail, and genuine concern for his clients, set him apart from the competition.